Cut Timelines. Improve Liquidity.

Jonah is a powerful platform that makes it easy to manage distressed residential mortgage portfolios.

Jonah makes Housingwire's Tech100 list three years in a row

'[Jonah] offers enterprise-level tools wrapped in a user interface that literally puts every other solution in its market into the corner for a proverbial time-out.'

Designed for simplicity

Visual. Intuitive. Interactive.

Jonah’s industry leading user interface makes full use of modern data visualization and interactivity to make portfolio investigation easy. Maybe even fun. More importantly, it allows the user to explore the different dimensions of a portfolio in the blink of an eye. No time consuming file reviews and manual investigation.


Automated timeline tracking for all 50 States.

Jonah splits the traditional six step foreclosure into more granular substeps to enhance visibility into an opaque process. Judicial or non-judicial, automatically track an asset’s progression, develop better intuition, and have confidence you have your finger on the ‘pulse’ of every asset in your portfolio. Spend more time actually solving problems and less time gathering information.


From macro to micro, instantly.

Jonah’s unique interactive ‘chart controls’ make it trivial to examine the different corners of your portfolio. How many assets in New York with property values above $200,000 are more than 30 days out of timeline? Simply manipulate the relevant chart controls and witness all the dimensions of your portfolio react to your chosen subset. Share views with colleagues and identify assets of interest instantly. It doesn’t get any easier.


Who’s on first?

Jonah helps you keep track of which ball is in what court. Jonah prevents assets from falling through the cracks, helps managers stay on top of issues, and ensures assets are progressing appropriately.